5 Tips To Managing Diabetes During Pregnancy

Top tips for managing diabetes during pregnancy

Lower blood sugar starting today

Diabetes occurs during pregnancy, which is called gestational diabetes, can be devastating to the pregnant woman and the baby. Gestational diabetes not only affects the pregnant lady, but also raises risk of their baby in developing type 2 diabetes or obesity later in life. However, if gestational diabetes is under well control, chances of developing complications can definitely be reduced.

Top 5 tips for gestational diabetes

1. A healthy diet 

Controlling diet is the first step to keep your blood glucose level stable. Avoid sugary foods and drinks definitely help. Replacing by their low sugar or no added sugar friends will be a smart choice. Also, foods with low glycemic index (GI) such as brown rice and wholewheat pasta release sugar in your body slowly that helps stabilize blood glucose. Eating pattern does matter, try to eat regularly and avoid skipping meals. 

2. Regular exercise 

Combined with a healthy diet, regular exercise helps manage gestational diabetes by lowering your blood sugar. If feasible, you can try to perform half an hour of moderate-intensity exercise such as brisk walking. However, doing it in the safe way is always the top priority.

3. Taking prescribed medications 

If your doctor prescribes medications such as pill or insulin for you. Don't worry and take it as directed. These are necessary for blood glucose control. Indeed, it is very safe to take insulin at the prescribed dose.

4. Monitoring of blood sugar

Keep track of your blood glucose level helps conceptualize your health condition. By recording these data, you can help your medical team to formulate a care plan that fits you the most. This practice also helps reflect your effort in controlling blood sugar, which can be a motivation for sustaining the measures.

5. Testing for diabetes after pregnancy 

Since pregnant women with gestational diabetes have increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, which is a lifelong disease, after delivery, it is important to get a timely testing.


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